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Australian Pioneers

Ecolimo pioneered the introduction of environmentally friendlier hire car and limousine services in Australia. Established in Melbourne in 2006 we started out with the luxurious hybrid Lexus GS450H which produces 45% less CO2 emissions than a standard limousine. A Carbon Neutral Company

Still, we wanted to offer an even more environmentally friendly choice and although the Toyota Prius fit the bill, the size of the Prius wheel base did not comply with State laws applied to the hire car industry in both NSW and Victoria.

Never one to turn our back on a challenge, Ecolimo lobbied governments in NSW and Victoria to change the law as it no longer reflected community sentiments. Finally in late 2007 the law was changed in NSW enabling Ecolimo to create an even greener choice hire car and limousine service for environmentally discerning Sydneysiders.

And so in January 2008, for the first time ever in Australia, the Toyota Prius was used officially as a hire car by Ecolimo.

Following the change in regulation in NSW, we knew that it was only a matter of time before Victoria followed suit and when it did in June 2008, we promptly added two Prius to our Melbourne fleet. After all, we didn’t want anyone to think we were playing favourites.

Ecolimo prides itself on its environmentally accountable business practices. We choose to be a carbon neutral company, purchasing carbon credits from Climate Friendly to offset our carbon emissions and fund renewable energy projects throughout the world.

Our Clients


Ecolimo services mostly companies who want to reduce the impact of their business activities on the environment. It’s an easy choice for many businesses to make because for no extra cost it turns a regular business expense into action on behalf of the environment.


Many well known Australians are choosing to use Ecolimo’s reliable service because of its added environmental benefits and capacity to create further awareness of climate change.

Couples getting married

Ecolimo is also becoming more and more popular among couples getting married because apart from reducing emissions for their wedding event, it symbolises their shared values regarding the environment