overheard in the car last week.

“How about we make a start with carbon neutrality? And people can make their choices… it’s a war to save the world, it really is that simple. At the very least, we should all live within the same global footprint. So, for example, if you choose not to eat meat, that probably means you can drive further than meat eaters. Especially if you’ve got a smart car. And if you’ve got no car and you can’t afford food, then you are up for some serious offsets. Like education. And health.

Meanwhile, there’s work to be done at the big end of town. So how about following the advice of people that are doing some serious thinking and working towards a non-proliferation treaty on coal fired power stations.
What? Do politicians have something more important to do? Go on, save the world. It’s not that hard. Everyone’s ready to start the long march

Go on. It’s not that hard. It’s about changing habits. If we can give up smoking we can give up compulsive acquisition. Why not change what it means to keep up with the Jones’s. Go on, have a no-buy day.

And if it still seems too tricky then take a minute to ask someone over seventy what could be done. Living without some things obviously didn’t kill them. Our grandparents, they didn’t wash their clothes all the time. Smart people, those ones that have seen other times. They understand alternatives.
And they know stuff, like how air is sometimes as good as water and in a smarter world, our air won’t have added pollutants in it, like detergent has.”

this really made me think

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