Hi Don,

I just thought I should share my appreciation of Neil going the extra mile…

On Monday on the way to my early morning flight I had an engaging conversation with your new to me driver, Neil. Turned out he had worked in Geneva in the same industry as a company that I was meeting that day, and on the journey he gave me his insight in to the industry and companies in it.

On Thursday night, after two state hops and many client meetings, I get back to Melbourne and Neil is there to pick me up again and waiting in the car is a printout that he’s prepared of a news article describing the acquisition made on Tuesday by the company I met on Monday.

As someone I described this to said: “that’s so good it makes the hairs stand-up on the back of your neck”.

Keep up the good work Don and send my thanks to Neil. Feel Free to use this endorsement if you like.

John Phillips