Spring and early summer is the time for weddings, and we have been busy in Melbourne and Sydney over the last six weeks.

We had a wedding in Melbourne and had promised our LexusGS450h. We had it booked into Blackburn Body Works for some repair work on the Monday. I had talked to one of the workers there, Kevin, and asked about some extra work being done. As it was to be ready we were unable to get that done so we went ahead with repair from a minor accident.

As were not at fault RACV had looked after us as they have before. The quality of work at Blackburn body work can’t be denied as the car has come back looking great. The down side is they have no idea of what a week is, I rang up on the Friday morning to see what time the car was to be picked up. You can only imagine my reaction when we were told Tuesday (three days AFTER the wedding).  The offer of a Toyota Camry did not quite fit the bill for an environmentally friendlier option at this stage, they will be a choice next year apparently.

I was real dilemma  but I made a quick call to Lexus of Blackburn. Thanks to Ryan and Des  we
re able to borrow a loan car and the Tracey was delivered in an environmentally friendly Lexus.

On the same day in Sydney, again another wedding and who was the one to do the 0100 pick up in Pymble, yes it was me. It must have been a great wedding as the band came out about twenty past one and still I waited finally the Bride and her newly wed husband came out and Danielle still looked like she was ready fro a wedding photo at that time. I wasn’t (something to do with age and the time)