Servicing Sydney and Melbourne, Ecolimo is the GREEN alternative for:

  • Airport transfers
  • Corporate functions
  • Corporate transportation
  • Celebrity events
  • Weddings
  • Site seeing
  • Private functions

Monthly Accounts

Set up a monthly account with Ecolimo and you’ll never have to scrounge around for cash to pay for your trip again.

It’s easy! Just call us on 1300 326 546. And remember, for every twenty trips a free trip will  be applied to your account customers for their personal travel.

The Cars

Toyota Prius

It’s no secret that the Toyota Prius is at present the most environmentally friendly passenger vehicle in the world, producing a mere 40% of the emissions of your average taxi. It’s a choice to feel good about in every way. Apart from the surprisingly roomy interior and the space age liquid crystal display on the dash, the Prius is the quietest ride you’ve ever experienced.

Toyota Lexus GS450H

For those who want to make an environmentally friendly vehicle choice but require extra  luxury for a particular occasion, the Lexus GS450H is the perfect compromise, producing only 45% of the emissions of a standard limousine. Show up in style and save the environment!

The Drivers

Ecolimo selects its drivers according to a range of stringent criteria to ensure that every single trip you take with us meets with the highest standards of professionalism.


All Ecolimo drivers are fully suited and impeccably presented (as you would expect from your own personal chauffeur).


Courtesy is becoming a bit of a lost art in our busy world, so much so that when you do experience an act of courtesy it can be surprisingly uplifting. Our drivers don’t consider courtesy to be a duty; it’s a way of being. That’s why Ecolimo drivers like to treat their passengers in a manner that makes them feel special.


At Ecolimo, we’re big on people. After all, they’re our business. Therefore it’s of utmost importance that we choose drivers who have the ability to quickly and effortlessly build rapport with people. And since our drivers are the nicest people we know, we’re sure you’ll like them too