Attended a Lunch run by the Melbourne based Irvine Club at Wildfire . It was thanks to an invite from The General (Tony Phillips) a Melbourne customer and was a great day. This was the first venture outside of Melbourne.

I made the mistake of committing to another event at 5.00 PM. A very silly move as unbeknownst to me the real action is after the lunch. The speaker was Mark “MG” Geyer, the so called “bad boy” from the game of Ruby League. MG was full of great stories and was able convey some life changing experiences and what effect they had on his life. He really demonstrated the power of determination and will.

The Irvine Club was formed in 2004 by to provide an opportunity to bring together members to share their love of sport as well as helping those less fortunate with financial assistance. It is a not for profit club set up to run two invitation only business lunches a year.