Because you can make an impact without compromising

Ecolimo costs the same as any other hire car or limousine service. The difference is that the vehicles we use cause much less harm to the environment. You can choose between the Toyota Prius or the luxurious Toyota Lexus GS450H for your Ecolimo experience and feel good about taking action to reduce climate change.

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Good for business

Like Ecolimo many businesses and corporations are changing company policy to reflect their environmental awareness and values. For businesses where hire cars are a necessary expense, using a company such as Ecolimo is the perfect platform to build a public perception of your company brand as environmentally responsible and aware. An experience like no other

While most people are aware of hybrid vehicles, few of us own one or have even experienced riding in one. Those who have will tell you what a different experience it really is. The first thing you notice apart from the futuristic liquid crystal display on the dashboard is…nothing. The car starts moving but it feels like the driver hasn’t even started the engine. That’s the beauty of a hybrid car in a nutshell – motion without sound.

Ecolimo is a genuine green company

Eco-Organic Car Wash

eco_organic_logoWe use Eco-Organic Car Wash. By committing ourselves  to their waterless solutions which are better than traditional methods, we have cleaner cars and more importantly we free-up an extraordinary amount of a precious resource. Eco-Organics’ premium waterless car wash products are amazing, not only do they wash your vehicle without water, it won’t scratch your paint, it protects your car from the elements and is organic, eco-safe and V.O.C. compliant. Next time you travel ask the driver how he keeps his vehicle so clean.

How the carbon trading system works

Projects that prevent emissions such as wind farms generate carbon credits that can then be sold to offset emissions for other businesses or events. Climate friendly is like a broker for carbon credits. Their job is to source high quality carbon credits that adhere to standards set by the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) and on sell these to businesses or events looking to offset their CO2 emissions.

Supporting green projects

When Ecolimo purchases carbon credits to offset our CO2 emissions we are effectively supporting renewable energy projects that would otherwise be unable to provide effective enough pricing to compete in the open market. You may have already noticed that Greenpower is slightly more expensive, but still affordable for the average household. That’s because the purchase of carbon credits by companies like Ecolimo, enables the price of green energy to remain low enough for people to make a green choice.

About climate friendly

Climate friendly is an Australian company dedicated to addressing the issue of climate change by sourcing and distributing carbons credits to businesses and individuals from quality renewable energy projects. Leaders in their field, Climate friendly is also the founder of renowned not for profit organisation the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA), a body that upholds and regulates industry standards in carbon trading.