The Age Dec 21 2007

sundayage02122007.jpg What do you think, a green wedding any one?

Herald Sun August 2007

heraldsun09082007.jpg We were nominated for the Melbourne awards. No we didn’t win but preparing the submission was a good learning experience.

MX June 2007

mxmag_1.jpg another mention. An more environmentally friendly solution to your travel needs on the big day

Canberra Times January 2007

canberraTimes_logo.jpg This was a piece by Ian Crawford, he was the man who coined the phrase “The Big Australian” many years ago in his days in PR at BHP

Sunday Magazine March 18 2007

Sunday_mag.jpg This is a little piece in the Sunday magazine

Virgin voyeur Mag April 2007

Virgin.jpg a good little piece in the Virgin magazine. Virgin seem to be trying to reduce their carbon footprint

Springwise 2007

springwise.jpg this short article appeared online at the Springwise site Driver take me to a greener planet